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We are a people company. People are the most important part of our business, beginning with our employees and ending with our customers. Everyone is important in this business.

We are not a 'bargain basement' provider and we are not interested in selling to everyone with a pair of shoes. We are a quality provider and we are only interested in working with discerning organizations that value quality above low price. We must not compromise our methods to save money and risk the quality of the outcome.

We are a solutions provider and we will be honest with the customer, even if it means turning work down that doesn't fit our scope. We will 'stick close to the knitting' and grow in directions that are both supported by market need and that are complementary to our existing core competencies.

Cross-Cultural Communication Awareness (October 2007) - Copenhagen

My overall experience is that I have learned a lot about the Chinese culture, which is very useful in my daily work

October 4, 2007
Lykke Roessel
System Engineer
Novo-Nordisk IT (NNIT A/S)